1,000 Days of Work: Putting Americans to Work

CONTACT:   Celina Klee
                   LF Staffing

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL- Politicians have made promises to lower America's unemployment rate with no positive results in sight. America is tired of broken promises and one company is doing something that the politicians have failed to do. LF Staffing is going beyond making promises; with their innovative program 1,000 Days of Work, they are pledging to put Americans to work… one free worker at a time.

Dan Shube, Director of Marketing for LF Staffing, the developer of 1,000 Days of Work stated, "Talk is cheap, and yes, I know it is an election year but I was tired of hearing from politicians that they have the answer to America's high unemployment and yet our government has failed to do anything about it. We fully understand that keeping your business afloat is not cheap, which is why LF Staffing will pay for the first day of your temporary employee. Plus, you can try before you buy, so when you do decide to hire, you can rest assured that you are making the right decision."

Each LF Staffing office will choose five companies to receive a temporary employee for one day-1,000 workers nationwide. LF Staffing is covering the cost of the day of work for the 1,000 workers including the day's wages, all taxes and Worker's Compensation insurance; with no obligation whatsoever for the employers. "All we ask is that you have a need, and evaluate if there could be an opportunity to employ your worker for one more day. Who knows, some of the workers may even end up working a week or more. Actually, we are so confident that many of our workers will be so impressive that they will be hired permanently," said Shube.

"LF Staffing is determined to do what our government has failed to do, create jobs. Our goal is simple, putting America back to work-one worker at a time. We will provide images of the people whose lives will be impacted by this campaign and an opportunity for businesses to participate on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/LFStaffing."  The 1,000 Days of Work will launch on September 4th.

Since 1975, Labor Finders the parent company of the LF Staffing brand has had a simple and clear mission: treat associates and clients with respect. These principles have enabled LF Staffing to place more thousands of hard-working and dedicated individuals at our clients' workplaces on a daily basis. We meet your company's workforce demands, while eliminating your payroll and administrative burdens. You will be fully satisfied with the results, or we will make it right. That is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

LF Staffing is a recognized leader in the staffing industry. Since the Best of Staffing Award's inception in 2010, we are proud to have been presented this prestigious award, an honor given to only the top 20% of entrants.

To schedule an interview with Dan Shube please feel free to contact Celina Klee, the Public Relations Manager for LF Staffing at 561-273-8226 or at Celina.klee@lfstaffing.com. For more information on LF Staffing, please be sure to check out the LF Staffing website at www.lfstaffing.com.

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