No Political Assistance Needed: Putting America Back To Work

CONTACT:   Celina Klee
                   LF Staffing

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL-While American politicians and government bureaucrats are struggling to put America back to work; LF Staffing knows there are job opportunities for its labor-rich work force and they are finding work for their employees every day. LF Staffing is going that extra mile to help America get back to work by filling temporary staffing positions with the right personal, in addition, giving hope to those individuals who are in dire need of a paycheck during these trying times.

Jeffrey S. Burnett, President and CEO of LF Staffing, explains that, during this election year LF Staffing is focusing on developing new business relationships with small to large businesses.  With numerous companies forced to eliminate full-time employee positions many are looking to hire temporary help to fill some of the vacancies and this is where LF Staffing is taking the lead. "Over the years we have delivered a flexible, productive, dependable workforce to meet fluctuating demands for workers while eliminating payroll and administrative burdens for companies; which in this day and age, high administrative costs have been a factor in the elimination of many full-time employees."

The temporary labor market is a leading economic indicator, "Temporary help is the most cyclical industry of the economy and when the economy does kick in we will be the first to feel it," said Burnett.

Burnett also stated, "I am so impressed with the efforts of the staff in the LF Staffing offices, as well as that of the workers we place at our client's workplace every day.  We are putting America back to work one job at a time."

Since 1975, Labor Finders the parent company of the LF Staffing brand has had a simple and clear mission: treat associates and clients with respect. These principles have enabled LF Staffing to place more thousands of hard-working and dedicated individuals at our clients' workplaces on a daily basis. We meet your company's workforce demands, while eliminating your payroll and administrative burdens. You will be fully satisfied with the results, or we will make it right. That is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

LF Staffing is a recognized leader in the staffing industry. Since the Best of Staffing Award's inception in 2010, we are proud to have been presented this prestigious award, an honor given to only the top 20% of entrants.

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