Employer Testimonials

I am a manufacturer and we just recently started to ramp up production of my products which are seasonal in nature. I have always used Lf Staffing to fulfill my staffing needs. Each person shows up on time and ready to put in a full day's work. The branch manager is excellent in matching the right person for each job, which saves me time and money.
Allison K.
We just opened another restaurant in the area-we also do a lot of catering. LF Staffing has supplied me with wait-staff, set up/knock down crews and even a short-order chef. I do not know what I would do without LF Staffing. They make my business and my life run smoothly.
Chaim W.
As a contractor and like most contractors, the past couple of years have been rough going. When I had to cut back on crew for some of my jobs LF Staffing supplied me with excellent temporary employees when I needed them. Even now with business picking up, I will continue to use LF Staffing for all my staffing needs.
Steven L.
I have a retail shop and I receive shipments three days a week. Through LF Staffing, we have been using the same couple of workers for the past two years. These LF Staffing associates are more reliable and punctual than my own children who also work in the store. I am proud to say that business is doing really well and I have been able to hire them full time. Thank you so much LF Staffing.
Cece R.