FAQ for Employers

Q: Who Is LF Staffing?
A: LF Staffing and its affiliated brand was founded in 1975, it is the oldest and largest privately held industrial labor staffing company in the United States. LF Staffing is a staffing service that provides temporary and temp-to-perm employees.

Q: How do I go about finding employees through LF Staffing?
A: LF Staffing offers a number of services, from one worker for one-day to dozens of workers for an entire project. In fact, LF Staffing will help you accomplish your productivity goals with one simple phone call. Please call the LF Staffing office nearest you to fulfill your employment needs today. We are confident you will be pleased with our services!

Q: Where are LF Staffing offices located?
A: LF Staffing offices are located in select cities throughout the nation. For the office nearest you, please use our office locator.

Q: Does my company have to be a certain size to obtain LF Staffing services?
A: LF Staffing treats every order with equal importance and will do their best to match the correct employee(s) for each position. No order or customer is too small or too large for us.  We provide employees for just about any productivity need you may have, small or large. Please give us a call!

Q: Are LF Staffing temporary employees available for permanent placement?
A: Absolutely!  We are always pleased when one of our employees has made such a positive impact, which leads to a permanent job placement. If that is the case, feel free to contact LF Staffing for the terms involved in this process.

Q: When will I be sent an invoice?
A: LF Staffing invoices on a weekly basis. Within a week after services were requested you will receive an invoice. All invoices are payable upon receipt.

Q: Can I give the employee payment for services rendered?
A: Our employees are not allowed to handle any types of payments; it is our policy they never be given cash, check, credit card information, etc. for paying an invoice. The customer is solely responsible for delivering, mailing or calling in a payment.

Q: Do you accept cash payments for services rendered?
A: While we do accept cash for our services, we ask that our customers make cash payments in person to the LF Staffing office prior to the employee starting work and at that time you will receive a receipt.