The Advantages of Staffing Agencies

There is one reason why the United States' staffing industry has been growing faster than the overall economy: Flexibility! Workers want it. Businesses need it. LF Staffing provides it. 

The Fundamental Value Provided by Staffing Firms

HR professionals, small business owners, managers and others who make organizational staffing decisions, benefit from the flexibility that staffing firms provide. This flexibility plays out in many ways.

For routine job placement needs, hiring agencies provide workers for daily, seasonal or cyclical assignments in a timely manner. This approach is much more efficient than the traditional approach: Advertising for the position; Writing and placing ads; Combing through stacks of resumes; Running background checks; and waiting days, weeks or longer for new hires to start.

Not only do staffing firms help companies fill positions with qualified candidates fast, but businesses never have to worry about setting up payroll and providing benefits for new workers… and assignments can be terminated at any time without the company’s involvement.

In fact, without the services of staffing firms, it would be nearly impossible for many companies to staff-up for short-term projects and seasonal work or find temporary replacements for employees who are sick or on vacation. The red tape alone makes it extremely difficult to access a ready pool of workers and staffing agencies eliminate these continual challenges.

Three Main Reasons Businesses Turn to Staffing Agencies

  • To fill in for absent employees or to fill a temporary vacancy
  • To provide extra support during busy times or seasons
  • To staff up for special short-term projects

Looking at Staffing Strategically

The staffing industry's unique access to a wide range of workers is one of the essential staffing benefits it offers clients. This give companies a way to quickly find individuals with specific skill sets or hard-to-find work experience. Those individuals can be brought on for short or long-term assignments, or they can be hired permanently.

This flexibility lets companies run their business in a strategic manner, where they can respond quickly to changing business needs without the burden of an excessive head count or unnecessary legal exposure.

Finding the Right People for the Right Jobs

With the experience of matching millions of people to millions of jobs, recruitment companies are experts at filling assignments at all levels, from a day laborer to a CEO. Staffing firms help HR professionals meet their business requirements by providing a pipeline to the appropriate talent pool.

Increasingly, these matches are made on a temporary-to-hire or temporary-to-permanent basis. This is another important aspect of the flexibility provided by staffing firms. Companies and workers have the opportunity to evaluate each other with no obligation for either party. If both the employer and the worker agree that it is a good fit, the worker can be hired permanently. The traditional hiring process doesn’t provide for such flexibility and can result in poor hiring decisions that are costly and difficult for a company to undo.

Smart companies use this type of staffing agility as a competitive advantage.

To recap: Why would your company venture into the staffing industry? Simple, staffing offers flexibility. It's what workers want and what businesses need... and staffing firms like LF Staffing provide it.

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