Hospitality Temp Jobs

Are you a good communicator with a strong suit in customer service? If so, we’ll help you find the right opportunity to shine! LF Staffing works with diverse clients from all across the hospitality industry who need talented people like you to delight their customers! Temporary and permanent hospitality jobs are available and we’ll personally match you to the best opportunities for your current and long-term career goals.

Hospitality job openings may include:

  • Banquet Set-Up, Server and Bartending Jobs

  • Parking Auditor and Attendant Jobs

  • Housekeeper, Bellhop and Room Attendant Jobs

  • Chef, Cook and Food Handling Jobs

  • Dishwasher Jobs

  • Stewards, Host/Hostess and Wait Staff Jobs

  • Usher and Concessionaire Jobs

  • Front Desk and Cashier Jobs

  • Customer Service Jobs

  • Janitorial and Clean-Up Crew Jobs

  • … And much more!

Interested in another position not listed here? Not a problem… our clients send us new requests each day, so please contact us here, or ask directly at your local LF Staffing office. We’ll make sure to connect you to the right opportunity!

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