Now Staffing Office / Clerical Workers

At LF Staffing, our temporary clerical employees will make sure your office operations run smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need a receptionist, file clerk, or a Customer Service Rep ... LF Staffing will provide you with professional and friendly personnel. On-call and on budget, we’ll work as hard as we can to fill any job you need to be filled.

Clerical Staffing Services:

  • Administrative Assistant Staffing

  • Office Manager Staffing

  • Data Entry Staffing

  • File Clerk Staffing

  • Receptionist Staffing

  • Customer Service Staffing

  • Mail Clerk Staffing

  • Office Coordinator Staffing

  • Project Manager Staffing

  • Call Center Support Staffing

  • Office Assistant Staffing

  • Executive Assistant Staffing

  • Secretary Staffing

  • ...and much more!

Need to fill a position not listed here? Our services are expanding daily, so please contact us or inquire within your local LF Staffing office at any time. We'll find the workers you're looking for.