Now Staffing Marketing Workers

When it comes to finding talented professionals for your marketing needs, trust LF Staffing to find you the real deal. Whether you're looking for social media assistants, copywriters, or graphic designers, LF Staffing will work hard to fulfill your temporary retail staffing needs.

Marketing Staffing Services include:

  • Social Media Assistant Staffing

  • Creative Assistant Staffing

  • Media Planner Staffing

  • Copywriter Staffing

  • Marketing Assistant Staffing

  • Content Writer Staffing

  • Graphic Designer Staffing

  • Marketing Promotions Specialists

  • Direct Mail Coordinators Staffing

  • Market Research Assistant Staffing

  • Public Relations Assistant Staffing

  • ... And More!

Are you looking to fill a marketing position not listed above? Our service offerings are growing daily, so please contact us here, or inquire within your local LF Staffing office at any time. We'll work hard to find you the right marketing employees you need.