Jorge Quintana - Chief Information Officer

Jorge Quintana was named Chief Information Officer in September 2014. As Chief Information Officer, Jorge is responsible for the company’s Information systems and technology infrastructure. Jorge’s long and distinguished career began in 2001 as a consultant, which quickly led him to him being hired and named Director of IT.

With over 25 years of experience in the enterprise, software, and consulting industry, he brings real-world experience to LF Staffing in-house technology infrastructure, assuring the delivery of the highest levels of customer, partner, and employee satisfaction and results.

Previously, Mr. Quintana was Senior Technology Specialist for Novell Inc. where he was a member of the consulting services unit providing custom software solutions to global 2000 companies. Between 1998 and 2001 before joining Novell, Jorge managed multiple software development teams with Cambridge Technology Partners, a leading consulting firm of the 1990's that was acquired by Novell in 2001. Before his relocation to the United States in 1998, Jorge also had a successful career in his home country of Mexico, holding various consulting and managerial positions in Information Technology.

Jorge holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Universidad Del Valle De México.

Inspired by

A professional challenge. There is nothing more inspiring than to take on a challenge and turn it into a success story.

Favorite city is

Miami and Madrid. Miami is a paradise. It is the first city I moved to when I came to live in the United States, and to this day I still enjoy the beauty and the multicultural aspect of it. And Madrid is a world-class city ... People know how to enjoy life there.

Must dance to

Rebel Yell by Billy Idol. "Yes, I am an eighties guy."

Growing up I wanted to be a

When I was old enough to really know what I wanted, I realized that I wanted to be a professional software developer and until this day I still consider myself a software developer at heart.

My motto

"Be the best version of yourself."